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Our Mission

Bark Buildings is redefining pet friendly.

Finding a welcoming apartment building to live in can be a challenge for many pet parents. It only takes a few irresponsible or uneducated pet owners to impact an entire community and that’s a risk that many property managers prefer to avoid. But blanket pet policies and restrictions don’t solve the problem, they encourage residents to find loopholes, make it harder for apartments to get leased, and prevent good pets from finding good homes. 

Bark Buildings is on a mission to bridge the gap and redefine pet friendly. We help property managers onboard and manage pet owners in their communities more effectively, and we give residents access to expert guidance and resources that help improve the quality of life for them and their pets, for the benefit of everyone!

Our Story

Living the problem, building the solution.

Living in an apartment with our dogs Kaytto and Kaya, we saw first hand the challenges created by having large numbers of pet owners in a shared community. Unpleasant run-ins between dogs, under-stimulated pets, busy pet parents, the list goes on. But being veteran pet parents also taught us that most of these commonly shared challenges could be easily overcome with simple solutions and access to proper resources. And solving those challenges not only made for happier pet residents, it improved the community for non-pet owners and property managers alike. 

In 2016 we launched our first Bark Building in the building we were living in, giving us a first hand look at the impact it had on improving the community. Seeing that we could bridge the gap between property managers and pet owners, we set out to create communities that truly welcomed pets in a way that benefited all members of a community.

- Danit & Devir Zivan - Siblings & Co-founders of Bark Buildings

Our Team

Devir Zivan

Co-Founder & CEO

After earning degrees in Finance and Marketing at University of Central Florida, Devir ventured into a career in marketing and retention analytics. Being an entrepreneur at heart, he saw an opportunity to use his experience to improve inefficiencies in the multi-family pet space and founded Bark Buildings.

Danit Zivan

Co-Founder & COO

Prior to Bark Buildings, Danit spent a decade building a career in experiential marketing. She led operations & account management on countless National tours and campaigns, and strongly believes in building brand affinity through unique brand experiences and consumer-first thinking. Bark Buildings alongside her brother has been her most exciting and fulfilling adventure to date!

Jared Starks

Chief Legal Counsel

Jared earned his law degree from Georgetown University before beginning his legal career at one of the largest corporate law firms in the country. He has since opened up his own firm and served as in-house counsel for a prominent real estate development company before joining Bark Buildings.

Jay Vento

Director of Operations

Jayanne brings over 14 years of management experience in the pet care industry. Starting in day care, she managed teams across various fields of pet care including dog training, grooming, and wellness before joining Bark Buildings. She is a loving cat mom with an infectiously positive attitude, passionate about helping people and pets!

Yousef Janajri

Technnical Advisor

Krystyna Almestica

Senior Community Manager

Prior to Bark Buildings, Krystyna spent five years working as a veterinary assistant in her hometown of Brooklyn. Outside of work, she’s a hobbyist dog groomer and loves learning new styles and techniques. For now, she has the perfect doggy model to practice on - her amazing pup, Ross!

Tracie Koehnlein

Canine Specialist

Tracie graduated from Monmouth University with a Master's in social work. A life long dog lover who volunteered in animal shelters from the age of 12, in 2015 she decided to earn a dog training certification from Catch Canine Trainers Academy. She joined Bark Buildings shortly after and dedicates her personal time working on animal welfare legislation in New Jersey.

Dr. Rachel Geller

Cat Behavior Specialist

Rachel Geller, Ed.D. is a certified Cat Behavior and Retention Specialist through the Humane Society. She has served on the Board of Directors in the role of vice-president at the Gifford Cat Shelter for 7 years and holds various certifications and executive positions with animal welfare organizations across the country.

Kat Santos

Veterinary Specialist

Kat graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science degree, concentrated in Animal Science, in 2012. She started her career at Banfield Pet Hospital as a veterinary technician and currently works as an ICU/ER veterinary technician at Animal Emergency & Referral Associates and Veterinary Emergency Group in Clifton, NJ.

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