Set a new standard for pet friendly.

I say this all the time but you are truly my favorite company that we work with, I love everything you do.

Fran K.

Property Manager

235 Grand

Property Enhancements

Pet Friendly Signage

Show renters that your property thinks about pets. We’ll provide signage to enhance your pet friendly appearance and educate residents on responsible pet ownership.

Welcome Gifts

Greet new resident pets with something joyful on their first day. We’ll provide welcome gifts with a fun and thoughtful selection of items, so you can show residents that your team thinks
of everything.

Treat Jar Subscription

Give your residents a reason to stop by the concierge desk and say hi. Our treat jar subscription delivers high quality dog treats to your community - and residents love our treats!

Community Engagement

Getting your residents to engage can be challenging, but make it about their pets and they’ll be all about it. Bark Buildings provides activation kits that create unique experiences and build stronger communities through resident pets. Our kits include an A to Z execution guide and all the supplies to make your on-site teams look like rockstars with minimal time commitment. 

Community Microsite

  • Easy Integration

  • Vetted service providers

  • Dedicated pet concierge

  • Exclusive Brand Discounts

  • Pet registration tracking

  • Fully managed by Bark

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