A new standard for pet friendly.

Bark Buildings powers pet friendly communities with
amenity programming especially for pet parents.

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If pets could talk, they’d ask for Bark Buildings

Pets Prioritized

Live in a community where your pet’s happiness is part of the package! Bark Buildings communities are committed to creating more welcoming environments for resident pets.

Enhanced Amenities

Forget the dog park, Bark Buildings residents receive a pet concierge, exclusive discounts, and pet-focused experiences to help keep your pet happy and healthy in their new home.

Responsible Residents

Share a community with neighbors who prioritize their pets and understand the importance of responsible pet ownership, for the benefit of everyone.

Premium perks for resident pets

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Pet Care Concierge

Chat with your communities dedicated pet concierge for expert assistance with training techniques, general care, and guidance selecting local and vetted pet care providers.

On-site Pet Perks

Resident pups are spoiled with gift boxes, pop-up events, high quality treats, and many more pet perks that give them something to get excited about!  

Exclusive Membership Offers

As a Bark Buildings resident you'll receive exclusive discounts on the highest quality goods and services from industry leading pet care brands like Pet Plate and Pawp.

Our Services

Dog Walking

Solo walks

Starting at


Treat your dog to one-on-one outdoor time with a Bark Buildings walker. Need us to feed lunch? Give medication? Spend extra time playing fetch? We personalize the experience for you and your pup! Available in 15min, 30min, or 60min blocks of time.

Group Walks

Starting at


Let us pair your pooch with doggy neighbors for 30min of outdoor time with other dogs from your building! Groups are limited to 4 dogs and pairings are based on size, compatibility, and walk pace. Ideal for the social butterflies of the bunch!

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Group Play & Fitness

*Only available in select buildings

Play Dates

Starting at


Nothing beats an exhausting afternoon playing chase and wrestling with doggy neighbors! Treat your pup to 30min of playtime at the dog park. Groups are limited to 4 dogs and pairings are based on size & play style.

Flirt Pole Fitness

Starting at


We’ve found the use of the flirt pole to be one of the most effective ways to stimulate and tire out high energy dogs. By nature, Dogs have a strong drive to chase and this game capitalizes on that - not to mention, it’s the ultimate calorie torcher! These are one-on-one 30min sessions that take place at your building’s dog park.

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Puppy Potty Training

Daily Walk Packages

Starting at


Housebreaking a dog requires consistency and frequent attention throughout the day. Puppy potty Breaks are 20min solo services (sold in packs of 3 per day) scattered throughout the day to help potty train your new puppy. Available for dogs up to 6 months old or for newly adopted dogs who aren’t yet housebroken

Starting at

Starting at

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House Sitting

12 Hour In-Home Sitting

Starting at


Going out of town? Give yourself peace of mind and your dog consistency by keeping them in the comfort of their own home. We’ll provide a dedicated sitter who will cater to your pet’s every need while you’re gone, and you’ll get updates all along the way!

Starting at

Starting at

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Cat Visits

10 Min Check In

Starting at


Need us to pop by for the basics? We’ll drop in for a quick litter cleaning, feeding, and water refresh. Especially good for more finicky felines who don’t love the company of new humans.

30 Min Visit

Starting at


We may be experts in playing fetch but that doesn’t mean we don’t know our way around a feather wand... Each 30min cat visit includes standard duties of feeding, a water refresh, and litter cleaning - but also lots of playtime and soft head rubs!

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Professional Care You Can Trust

  • Trained & Certified Employees

  • Background Checked & Insured

  • In Person Meet and Greets

  • GPS-tracked Walk Reports

  • On-site & On-demand Care

  • Direct In-App Chat

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost me anything to register?

Nope, as a Bark Buildings resident you get to enjoy all the perks free of charge.

How does Bark Buildings decide which local services to recommend?

Each communities dedicated pet concierge is in charge of selecting the recommended services for their community. The pet concierge contacts each provider to gather more information about their experience, processes, employment practices, and policies. They take many other factors into consideration, such as online reviews, and continuously reassess the recommended businesses based on resident feedback. At the end of the vetting process, each business is evaluated and must meet an exceptional level of quality in order to make the cut.

Do I have to live in a Bark Building in order to register?

Yes. Bark Buildings is exclusively available to residents living in our partnered communities.

How do I find a Bark Building near me?

We're currently working on a searchable map for our website. For now, please email us at info@barkbuildings.com and we'll be happy to share a list of Bark Buildings in your area.

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